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Sunrise Beach
Ocean Bluff
Marshfield MA 02065

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Welcome to Sunrise Beach!  
This barrier beach is located between the villages of Ocean Bluff and Fieldston in Marshfield MA USA.
Sunrise Beach, Marshfield MA
MARSHFIELD, MA is a "Town of Villages" enriched by historic part-time beach communities in Rexhame, Fieldston, Ocean Bluff, Brant Rock and Green Harbor. The beach-front community is an important part of the identity of our town. It's an integral part of the character of our town.

Enjoy The Marshfield Coast!
12 miles of fabulous public shoreline.
3 municipal beaches with public parking lots.
2.36 miles of coastal infrastructure.

2015 News & Updates
• Beach Water Tests
• Seawall Repairs
• FEMA Flood Maps

Click photo for Marshfield beach news.
Enjoy the public shoreline and beaches too.

Beware of seawall construction debris, concrete and rebar protruding from the sand!  
Within this website you will find a pictoral history and notes from citizens who witnessed the demise of 2 fabulous public beaches.


If the DPW Superintendent, BPW Administration and Conservation Commissioner continue to allow contractors to dump and bury seawall construction debris in the sand... Marshfield will eventually have 2.36 Miles of Ruined Beaches.

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Sunrise Beach, Ocean Bluff, Marshfield MA 02050