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Preserve & Restore Our Public Beaches!
Petition efforts that started in 2006 to clean Sunrise Beach and STOP future Town approved dumping of seawall construction debris on Marshfield public beaches have been partially successful.

Your Continued Support is Required for...
• Ocean Bluff Beach seawall debris cleanup.
• Restore "Public" access to the Brook Street Ramp.
Thank You,
The Sunrise Beach Petition Team
Email questions or comments to: SB/OB

WANTED: Seawall & Beach Photos
Submit your Sunrise Beach and Ocean Bluff Beach photos. Include the date picture was taken and a brief description. Email your photos to: SB/OB
All exhibited images © maintained by respective owners.

The following have assisted and supported our beach petition efforts:
Cindy Castro - Marshfield MA Beach Supervisor
Frank Hynes - MA State Representative
Patricia Epstein - Marshfield MA Selectman
and 183 concerned Marshfield Residents.

TOWN Links:
Call, write, or email the following Marshfield MA town officials and tell them construction debris on beaches is "Not Acceptable" !

Marshfield MA Board of Public Works:
P. 781.834.5575

Marshfield MA Dept of Public Works:
P. 781.834.5560

Marshfield Conservation Commission:
Jay Wennemer - Conservation Agent
P. 781.834.5573

Marshfield MA Board of Selectmen:
870 Moraine ST
Marshfield MA 02050
P. 781.834.5563

Marshfield Voter Registration!

Town of Marshfield Meetings Calendar

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